The Surlaws started as a duo project formed by Vinicius Cavalieri and Bárbara Schucko in late 2014. The original idea was doing covers of classic rock and folk rock songs to busk around the streets of Boston. Since this idea emerged during a severe winter, busking was not possible at that time.

After some meetings and rehearsals, they started rearranging some of those covers to a heavier style, influenced also by Brazilian music. However, the desire of also writing their own music was growing.

In the beginning of 2015, Lipe Carvalho joined the band as the official drummer. By that time, all of their influences and ideas were brought to the table and they started establishing the band's directions and style. The proposal is now releasing their original songs and rearranged covers of different tunes in different styles. Soon, the band's name was defined and the initial repertoire was recorded.