Accessibility Policy: 

    •    The Red House welcomes persons with disabilities and will make every reasonable effort to ensure that its policies and procedures are consistent with the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity.

    •    The Red House is located on Winthrop St., which is closed to vehicular traffic in the evening. There is an accessible route to The Red House entrance from either end of Winthrop Street at its intersection with JFK St. or Eliot St.

    •    The Red House can arrange to provide vehicular access and curbside drop-off on pedestrian- only Winthrop Street. Please call to make an appointment.

    •    The Red House accepts reservations and will accommodate and prioritize seating requests for persons with disabilities.

    •    The Red House has ADA compliant seating at the bar.

    •    The Red House has a fully accessible unisex restroom conveniently located for persons with

    •    The Red House staff is happy to provide seating orientation, menu assistance, meal
preparation, and assistance and dining implements for guests with manual impairments,
visual and hearing impairments, and other disabilities as required.

    •    Although The Red House does not provide assistive devices, we will be pleased to assist
customers with their own devices as required with instruction.

    •    The Red House welcomes all qualified and trained service animals.

The Red House - Accessibility Training Policy: 

Training of employees in customer service standard requirements of the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board and Federal ADA

Identifying and maintaining accessibility features. 

  • Management will provide an overview of all Federal ADA and Massachusetts
  • Access Board requirements as the relate to restaurant service, and will identify all accessible features of the restaurant with existing staff and all new hires.
  • The Red House will ensure the entire width of the accessible route is free of snow and ice during winter months, clear of all obstacles during operating hours, and properly maintained to prevent uneven surfaces and large cracks from appearing.
  •  Staff will be trained in the policy for maintenance of all accessible features.
  •  Directional signage will be provided at required mounting heights. Staff will ensure signage is visible at all times.
  • Doors will be unlocked during business hours.
  • An operating clearance of 18” on the latch/pull side of all doors shall be maintained and kept clear of all obstacles including customer seating.
  • Automatic door openers are provided on the main entrance door and restroom door and will be maintained in good working order.
  •  Exterior and interior lighting along accessible routes will be properly monitored and maintained.
  • Obstacles, including those within the required head clearance space (between) 27” and 80” above the walkway) and items that may result in tripping and slipping will be removed from all accessible routes.
  • All aspects of the restroom, including hand towels and soap dispensers shall be maintained and within reach of persons with disabilities.
  • All printed information and accessibility aids for use by persons with disabilities shall be readily available and kept up-to-date.
  • All information that appears on in regard to menu options, pricing, time sensitive information, and accessibility policy will be kept up to date.

How to interact and communicate with persons of disability in a manner that takes into account his or her disability ? 

  • Staff will communicate with written notes or provide speech to text aids for
  • people with hearing impairments.
  •  Servers will provide text to speech aids or read menu and list-of-specials to those with visual impairments.
  •   A large print menu and LED flashlight will be made available for persons withvisual impairments.

How to interact with persons with disabilities who use an assistive device or require the assistance of a service animal or a support person

  • Although The Red House does not provide assistive devices, we would be pleased to assist with customer owned devices as required with instruction.
  •  Service animals as defined by the ADA are welcome at The Red House.

What to do if a person with a particular type of disability is having difficulty accessing goods and/or services

  • Staff will provide ample time for the guest to communicate their wishes.
  • Staff will provide guests with dining implements (straws, mugs, etc.) that allow for ease of use.
  •  Staff will offer assistance to guests with manual impairments.

Review The Red House’s policies, practices, and procedures; 

  •  Yearly, pertaining to providing accessible customer service to persons with disabilities.
  •  Workplace emergency response information shall be readily available.
  •   Return to work process for employees with disabilities.
  •  Regarding service animals: In situations where it is not obvious that the dog is a service animal, staff may ask only two specific questions:

(1) Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?

 (2) What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

Staff are not allowed to request any documentation for the dog, require that the dog
demonstrate its task, or inquire about the nature of the person's disability.

  • With advance notice/appointment The Red House staff will arrange to provide vehicular access to pedestrian-only Winthrop St. for curbside drop-off.